• Kneel in the center of your mat: knees hip distance apart, thighs vertical, toes tucked under
  • Inhale: lengthen your spine.  Exhale: soften your groins.
  • Inhale: lift your heart towards the sky.  Exhale: place your palms just beneath the small of your back, or reach back and take hold of your heels.
  • Keep your gaze forward and your neck soft.  Do not drop your head back.
  • Continue energetically moving your heart skyward as your sacrum presses forward.  Keep the glutes and groins soft.  Breathe
  • If it’s in your practice, gently shift your gaze skyward as you lengthen the back of the neck.
  • To exit: firm your belly and press your hip points back, moving to upright.  If your gaze is high, be sure to lead with the heart and not the chin.