• Stand in the center of your mat, facing the long edge.
  • Step your feet about 3 ½ feet apart. Both feet should be facing the to the front of the body.
  • Inhale: lengthen the spine and open the heart Exhale: begin to shift your weight into the left leg.
  • Inhale: bend the left knee Exhale: allow the hips to lower to your comfort level, moving towards a full expression where hips are hovering above the ground
  • Continue to breath as you draw the belly in and up, creating a slight lift in the hips
  • Flex the right foot and let the toes rotate towards the sky
  • Hands can remain on the ground or you can bring them to heart center
  • To exit- engage the core, plant the feet onto the ground as you lift the hips and torso back to standing.
  • Repeat other side