• NOTE: this posture is contraindicated for folks with knee injury or replacement
  • Kneel in the center of your mat: knees slightly apart, feet just wider than hip distance
  • Inhale: lengthen your spine.  Exhale: start to take your hips back toward your heels, lean your body slightly forward
  • As you descend, reach down and take hold of your calves, rolling them away from center to make space
  • Continue moving the sits bones toward the mat.  If you experience any resistance, place a block beneath the sits bones.
  • Once you are a rest in the posture, place your hands on the thighs, palms facing up or down, and breath for 3-5 breaths.
  • To exit: place your hands on the floor and press firmly as you lift your hips up just a bit, then sit back down to one side.  Gently stretch your legs out long in front of you.