• Stand in mountain at the top of your mat
  • Inhale, arms high; exhale, forward fold.
  • Inhale, lift half-way up; exhale, deeply bow.
  • Inhale, step your feet back to high plank & firm your belly; exhale, lower to the mat.
  • Inhale, press into cobra or upward facing dog; exhale, lifting from the deep belly take your hips back and up into downward facing dog.
  • Breathe here for three cycles: hands press into the mat, shoulders move away from ears, shoulder blades are broad, belly is engaged, spine is long, knees may be bent or straight, and heels are wherever they are.
  • Inhale, step or jump your feet to the top of your mat; exhale, bow down.
  • Inhale, back to high mountain; exhale, hands at heart-center.